Discover Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Days Inn & Suites is perfectly located in downtown Yellowknife, the growing diamond capital of Canada. Stay at this uniquely northern hotel and witness the beauty of the Northern Lights, try some world class fishing in some of Canada’s freshest waters, or take a leisurely hike on breathtaking scenic trails. Yellowknife has it all!

About Yellowknife

Yellowknife is literally built on gold, with mines burrowing deep beneath the city streets, yet the name Yellowknife does not derive from gold but from copper. In 1770, when Samuel Hearne was exploring the Great Slave lake area, he encountered a tribe of Aboriginal people who used copper-bladed, yellow-coloured knives. Fur traders soon began to refer to these people as the Yellowknives, and the tribe's rendezvous place in the large bay on Great Slave Lake became known as Yellowknife.

It wasn't until 1896 that gold actually entered the picture. Miners, enroute to the Klondike, discovered gold in Yellowknife Bay but it was to lay dormant for many more years because of the inaccessibility of the land. However, with the arrival of northern aviation in the 1930s, the rush soon began and bush pilots, intrepid miners and a handful of adventurous men and women were drawn north by the promise of the future and the glory of riches much like those found in the Klondike. By 1936, Yellowknife became a boom town as the exploration for gold escalated dramatically.

The town began to grow rapidly and, by 1947, with two gold mines operating on the outskirts, the stage was set for our future.

Today we are a culturally rich capital thriving with diversity, and home to over 17,000 people.

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Winter Adventure

A teepee with the northern lights in the background located near the Days Inn hotel in Yellowknife

Aurora World

Aurora World specializes in aurora borealis adventures in both English and Japanese. In addition to viewing the aurora borealis, guests have the opportunity to drive dogsleds and snowmobiles during the day, enjoy delicious Northern Stew or Chowder at Aurora World in the evening, attend seminars and even go shopping for a diamond under the northern lights at midnight.

Goats in the beautiful landscape near the Days Inn hotel in Yellowknife

True North Safaris

Providing outfitting services in the Central Barren Lands north of Yellowknife, True North Safaris offer hunting safaris for caribou, black bear, arctic wolf, led by experienced professionals. Plus, True North Safari now offer Aurora viewing tours, photo safaris, and their own unique brand of northern adventures!

A man walking out to a plane for an adventure over Yellowknife, Canada

Arctic Escapes Travel

This unique travel agency specializes in Arctic tours, Northern adventure tours and corporate travel. Artic Escapes Travel can help you get to and from the North and show you a great time while you're there!

A man fishing on the Great Slave Lake located near the Days Inn in Yellowknife, Canada

Canada Fly In Fishing Lodge

Hearne Lake Lodge Fly In Only Fishing Lodge for Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling . River and lake from the same lodge. Owner operated.


A man and women going to see the Bathurst Inlet Lodge located near the Days Inn in Yellowknife, Canada

Bathurst Inlet Lodge

An Eco-Lodge located in Bathurst Inlet 30 miles North of the Arctic Circle and accessible only by aircraft, the Bathurst Inlet Lodge promises a unique and exciting experience of the natural beauty of Canada's north.

The Enodah Wilderness Travel Ltd located near the Days Inn in Yellowknife, Canada

Enodah Wilderness Travel Ltd

Located in Yellowknife, Enodah Wilderness Travel Ltd specializes in Trophy Pike, waterfowl and winter adventures on Great Slave Lake.

A man fishing in the Great Slave Lake located near the Days Inn in Yellowknife, Canada

Frontier Fishing

Known the world over for Canada lake trout fishing, arctic grayling, whitefish, and Canada northern pike fishing. Frontier Fishing Lodge is located in Canada's Northwest Territories on the east arm of the Great Slave Lake, 120 air miles east of Yellowknife.

A couple canoeing near the Days Inn in Yellowknife, Canada

Nahanni Wilderness Adventures

Offering canoe and raft trips on Canada's renowned South Nahanni River, as well as providing a select offering of mountain and wildlife/tundra Rivers trips across the North.