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The Benefits of Ginger

The Benefits of Ginger –  Ginger is one of the biggest spices in the world. Wherever you go there is always a nearby bottle of hot ginger in a kitchen cupboard or bottle of traditional ginger ale in the fridge. And you may have been using ginger as a dietary supplement for a long time. But what ginger is best for you and why should you consider adding it to your diet.

Well ginger has been used for thousands of years and scientific research is showing that each 100 grams of ginger contains as much as 3.6% of the daily recommended intake of ginger. The taste of ginger is also tasteless and so people who have lost their ginger sense may be able to lose some weight relatively easily.

Grind the ginger finely and add it whole during the meal. The spice has a lot of effects on the body, apart from improved digestion and reduced cholesterol. Here are just a few of the effects of ginger.

It improves your mood. People have been using ginger to help induce sleep and to make them feel refreshing and comfortable. They also report increased digestion and peristalsis.

Another effect of ginger is to help with circulation. Thick bundles of the leaves are made into a charcoal filter to improve blood circulation. This prevents bad wounds from healing faster and improves the blood supply to your organs.

Consult your doctor before using ginger. Ginger may cause harmful side effects when taken in high doses. especially if taken in conjunction with drugs or antibiotics.

Ginger may interfere or negate the effects of prescription drugs. Ask your doctor if you are taking drugs or supplements.

Ginger may have antibacterial and antifungal properties. But take caution because taking ginger may have the side effect of turmeric’s bitter taste.

Apart from the above effects, ginger may also be effective on certain skin conditions. It can soothe itchy scalp, which is very common problem for most.

Now, Why is Garlic Himalayan Sea Salt preferred over regular table salt? Instant of course. And because it is unrefined, it is the best for your health and body. Remember nothing is further from the truth.

Garlic is also liked because it can help improve our health condition. It can act as a remedy against diabetes, obesity, common cold etc.

Garlic is a natural medicine. It has been used over and again through out history. This ancient herb has been recognized by herbalists and doctors. It has many medicinal components including: antisepular, antibacterial, fungistatic, galacturonic, muscarinogenic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.

Garlic is truly the generation gap filler. I love garlic so much. I eat it raw, I eat it dried, its the base for so many soups, and it tastes so good. So, don’t worry about the age. Keep it in a cool dry place. Keep it in your drawer safely. And always store it in the fridge.

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