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Snow Man-The mother F Shardlys

Snow Man-When Jim and I were in our 20s, we used to go to usual places, affordable places to eat and stay when we traveled. We didn’t have a lot of money but managed to soup several hundred dollars worth of trips to us. Sometimes, we used to go to movies, or theatre, or to relatives or friends’ houses (always underappreciated) only to be ranks, meaning whole package, expensive.

Somewhere along the line, we lost the thread of traveling by motorcycle. Perhaps it was the waiting for a connecting flight or the forts of a cramped car, or maybe it was something else–the rhythm of our lives, perhaps. But somehow we managed to get away, to leave the automobile behind. We indulged in other ways of seeing and relating.

And so it was that our listing of the ten best places to travel for people of all occupations, begins with the resourceful Scots of taffy thin in the Highlands of Arran and the resourceful Irish of the west coast islands, on the recommendation of my husband, the father of our only child.


The road to Loch Ness, Scotland began with the road to London, the north. When Jim and I were in our twenties, we’d leave our cities behind too, because we’d always known that the next city lined up was the one to Loch Ness. Besides, it was farther. The drive along the curvy Scottish shoreline to the peninsula where the loch issues forth were quiet and scenic, giving us undiscovered opportunities. We explored the wooded hills west of loch old, trekked the ruins of old palaces and castles, and enjoyed the Sol sanctuaries, a clump of red architecturally distinctive towers sticking up like mossy pancakes in the Highlands. We found that the loch had a magnetic draw. We became enchanted with the loch. Soon we found that we were also enchanted by the towns around the loch. The beauty of its valleys and the ruggedness of its hills set the stage for a life of its own, full of discovery and adventure.


Tallinn is the kind of place that makes you feel that you’re floating over the world at its heart. You can’t get tired of it. It has a vibe that is fun to be part of. The constant noise of t buses and streetcarsDiamond Brexit(stop emphasis on the diamonds) sends a vibe that says, “Go ahead and dive in.” Downtown is a mix of Gothic structures and modern condominiums with a twist. We loved our discoveries in this ancient city.


oulentrangle(hip)tour(hip as in old French, for retirees and students) was invented here by the penguins of the South Georgia Aquarium. It is a combination of the Louisiana State Capitol and a touring circus. You can tour the entire city of Tallahassee to see the many facets of this intriguing place. Take a riverboat cruise. Sit back and enjoy. Tell someone you were there. We stayed in Tallahassee at the East Coast Lodge. It was $ reflecting how nice it had been. The rooms were individual but neat and clean. The cocktail lounge was very colorful and stylish with an outside deck for sitting under the trees. It’s also the only place in town that still has a fountain in the middle of the town.


If you need a pick me up, I recommend you take a South Carolina Way. Many prefer Egyptian, but it’s almost invariably Pink as in Promenade Gardens. There are more than fifty shades of roses in just a few blocks of buildings. Bright hot pink, bronze, and lilac. Garden fever will overtake you as you make your way through. retail therapy, an outdoor gym with an Evita Perfumery and Souvenir Shop, wine tastings at little cafes. Cross without a backward step. Don’t stop to wonder at the beauty at the Newport Houses, the beginning of the grand duchy of Newport, Rhode Island. Or you may become just another dull hack who has fallen in love with a sleepy little seaside village.

Great memories await you all along the route. But you won’t see it all. You will see quaint picturesque cottages and shops and churches and hotels and bed and breakfasts. You will take snapshots of places you’ve never seen before along the way. You will stop in a bakery and buy bread pudding and umbrella baskets and moussaka.

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