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Holiday Destination-Why Germany Is the Favourite in the World

Most people can rattle off some half-dozen or so holiday destinations they have visited. Some of these can even be listed: Australia, McGill University, southern France, the UK, New Zealand, the Bahamas. What can you possibly know about these places? Maybe your favorite location isn’t one of them. But rest assured, Berlin is the most popular destination for holiday-makers, as Germany’s capital boasts many splendors in contrast to its small size.

Germany is, famously, a land of historical museums. But more than its ‘dead’ museums, its museums of science and technology are among its most popular attractions, with some of the most innovative ideas and technologies. Take Open Museum, for instance: construction of 120 000 square meters that allows visitors to program light-up exhibits. Among other things, it’), allows visitors to learn about the history of science and technology.

But you aren’t likely to find dead monuments here: the Open Museum is a zone of computer games and interactive exhibitions, considered edgy by the locals but successfully attracting many tourists each year.

It seems an unusual place to visit a museum, but then, this is often the point of an itinerary by Berlin architects, artists, and designers: blend the personal into the professional. In this case, the personalizes the professional with the inspirer, the viewer with the enterprise.



The museum offers a mix of formal and informal exhibitions. Much of the temporary exhibition space is taken up by experimental installations, screenings, and workshops.

In the museum lobby, a hands-on Science Centre is revealing how science is made by visitors – how a television studio is used to film an experiment and how a Chamber of Horrors is used to imagine the worst atrocities that might happen if certain technological immersion scenarios.

But for those with an interest in more classical scientific covers, head to the Infrastructure Gallery. Painted in an expansive blue sky, it’s won the 2012 palette of the year award and offers an architectural display of the Worlds of Tomorrow. The concepts explored by the artists all belong to the five basic elements; air, water, fire, earth, and metal. The textures and designs are futuristic, surrealistic, and almost ethereal.


The museum of Italian Renaissance design houses some of the most famous works by the masters: Tintoretto’s iconic ‘Flatuita’ and ‘Capuchin Crypt’, and both ‘Natural History’ and ‘Man in thehodetherapy’ by Botticelli. The impressive carvings are also memorable: the stunning ‘Chiphany in Venice’ marble sculpture towers atop a golden hill and is beyond human understanding.


Florence is a vibrant city and, though spread across 19,000 square meters, it is impossible to experience its vibrant energy all in one day. A suggested itinerary will depend on how long you have to spend in the city and the center of Florence. If you’re just seeing the center, but want to explore more, and afloat tour is an excellent way to spend an hour or so. Florence is a city of breath, and spending an afternoon in the heart of Florence is a lifetime experience.

The historic city center is full of excellent restaurants, and the streets are full of shops, bars, and cafés. The cuisine in Florence is deeply influenced by the cuisine of her Mediterranean neighbors: the beautiful tomato-based tagliatelli, the savory ‘pruni’, and the spicy ‘fritters’. In keeping with the overall direction of hispanicsimilitude, the local food is rather more refined and even formalized – it’s meant to be enjoyed rather than gulped.

If you’re staying in Florence during your summer holidays, you really must visit the Uffizi Gallery. It’s usually open until 8 pm, but until certain times of the day, it’s not uncommon to be able to see the work of up to 12,000 masters on display. You’ll need to bargain hard, though, as even the most dedicated bargain-hunter will find that it’s worth little more than a minimal summed-up sum.

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