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CNA Certification

CNA Certification : Nursing assistants need to have CNA certification in order to legally work at any health care institution. The process for CNA certification isoultruggling betweenYou need to complete a nurse aid training program which usually lasts for 75-125 hours. Three components of the training are practical, theory and the clinical part.

The training for nursing assists usually commences at a health care institute. The nurse aid has to work with patients in a health care environment. As a nurse aid, you must be able to assist patients at all time. You should have the ability to work in emergency situations and in routine nursing Assistants help patients at the hospital. You should also have the capability to assist patients at home in treating their common cold and in treating their illnesses.

Some of the common tasks associated with nursing include checking on the patient’s vital signs and feeding. CNA also monitors the patient’s treatment and vital signs. Because of the ability to work with patients, nursing assistants must have the ability to interpret the medical information passed to them and transfer it to the physician. Working as a certified CNA can open new doors of opportunities in various fields, such as home health aide, rehabilitation specialist and nurse educator.

The process of becoming a CNA is usually done in schools. The training for nursing assists usually happens in a classroom and the practical part is done in a ward or even a surgery theater. Both classes meet regularly for practical sessions. Teachers try to make their students experience what they would have to do if they are in nursing and CNA jobs.

What is the cost associated with CNA certification?

CNA certification is usually offered in the form of a exam. The exam is offered at the end of each course. After passing the exam, the certified CNA is eligible to work with any health care provider. There are also schools which offer CNA certification for free basis. The certification is offered for 4 hours long for the candidates. After completion of the course, the candidate is awarded the CNA certificate in a booklet.

The certified nursing assistant salary starts from $10-$16 per hour depending upon the place. The CNA training schools also offer the training for free with a required amount of training time. The training includes the attendance of both classroom and practical classes. This is often the case for community colleges. The CNA training also includes the patient care, and A and B internships. A CNA earns a salary of an average of $24,000 annually.

Educational requirements are different for each State. Passing of the exam is a requirement for the person to work as a certified CNA. The National Council for State Certification (NCS) will approve the course for the candidate to work as a Certified nursing assistant. However, the certification is not required for the person to start working as a nursing assistant.

One can perform the duties of a nursing assistant in any hospital or health care provider. A nursing assistant answers calls from the patient at home or hospital and helps the family to care for the patient. There are many Ad Managers and supervisory nursing jobs. A certified program is a requirement for the nursing.

The process of becoming a CNA is very precise. One has to have a high school degree or GED. The candidate is tested for his skills, both as a nursing assistant and for the communication skills, which are a must for the nursing uniform. It is not possible for one to be a full-fledged CNA without passing the exam. A candidate has to pass the exam in order to get the CNA license. This license is required for the person to find employment in any health care facility.

How to Become a CNA?The candidate can apply for the course online through various nursing schools. He/she can also get the training from vocational schools and technical schools. However, the practical work that the candidate performs while learning and training is subject to the approval of his/her state. A candidate has to complete a nursing assistant training course of forty-eight weeks. The courses are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

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