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Advice For Homeowners Who Want To Lower Their Energy Bill

Advice For Homeowners – Insulated foam is a commonly recommended home insulation alternative to traditional batting. While blown-in cellulose or fiberglass and rigid panels are the two most common forms of insulation, spray foam has become more popular thanks to its affordability and effectiveness in places like attics, basements, and foundations. Unlike traditional batting, foam technology has revolutionized the way insulation is manufactured. The entire world of insulation is called sprayed foam.

There is a wide array of insulation types available for homeowners to choose from, but among the many types is spray foam technology.

Spray Foam Houses

Although insulated spray foam is typically used in new homes, there are also new insulation materials that can replace existing insulation that wasn’t taken off when your home was built. These materials include fiberglass and cellulose insulation except the spray foam. There are even new insulation mixtures that add a little bit of foam to the mix.

What most homeowners are looking for is a way to make their house more energy-efficient because everything would cost your energy bill. When researching the different methods to insulate their homes, many who are looking for the most cost-efficient way to insulate their homes like spray foam will opt for the spray foam.


Advice For Homeowners – Spray Foam Houses Are When You Can Spray

One big concern about insulating your home is the difficulty of disposing of the insulating material. That is, insulating a home with traditional methods requires that the insulation be removed before it can be installed, which can be a huge hassle. Since most insulation removal contractors elect to use spray foam insulation, the only real barrier to the insulation being delivered to your home is the distance making it an impossible solution for insulating existing homes.

If you decide to insulate your home with spray foam for the cost-effective and environmentally friendly benefits that it will provide, the most imperative part of your insulation process is insulating your home against air leaks. Regardless of how tight your home is, or if the insulation is being installed in a new home, air leaks can come from several different areas.

One of several culprits of unwanted air leaks is window seals which are very easy and often not even thought about. Window seals and window film (think double-pane window glass) are not sprayed, they are simply thrown onto the window. These types of installations are usually due to bargain type pre-labor standards, that all the windows in the area are built with the same basic materials. While it’s not fair to judge a new home or its energy efficiency solely by the installation of a window seal, you can test the window seal for air leaks using a simple stick of wallpaper (or mulled cut wallpaper if available) over the window seal and holding it completely on both sides.

One key part of an energy-efficient home is ensuring the home is being adequately insulated. This is important both for soundproofing of your home as well as keeping energy expenses down. One way to insulate your home asymmetrically is to install large pieces of foam insulation where needed. You’ll often see a contractor install dust insulation in the ceiling, but this is not a very effective method of insulation since dust insulation is known to settle on 99% of the air gaps in your home. A superior method is to use an insulating barrier such as spray foam.

Advice For Homeowners – How Spray Foam Insulation Can Help You

While spray foam insulation will eliminate the need for dust insulation (cut exclusive to the basement), it is most effective when used in combination with another procedure, namely the conventional method of insulation. It simply provides an added layer of insulation, while fully protecting the areas underneath. If you’re looking to ensure the perfect soundproofing for your home, consider investing in spray foam products.

Spray foam insulation is the preferred way to ensure your family has a comfortable and energy-efficient home. Since so many homes are constructed from conventional insulation, the addition of sprayed insulation is often beyond the means of the average family. Homeowners can purchase spray foam insulation in all sections of the home, but can also use this in new concrete foundation forms.

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